Trimquest’s 120lt Ice Boxes are the step off to larger sizing.

In terms of value for money Trimquest continues to provide the very best value with its 120lt Ice Boxes. The last in the large mid-sized ice box in the PM series of rotomolded ice boxes the 120lt ice boxes are popular because they are big without being too big for many customers. The quality Trimquest’s 120lt ice boxes is to recognise as are the multitude of applications for which 120lt ice boxes can be used.

The PM range itself features a wide variety of 23 individual rotomolded ice boxes ranging in size from the 25lt all the way up to commercial 1,200lt ice boxes. Shaped to cover every possible use the PM range has both square rectangular and long rectangular boxes.

Manufactured using steel molds, the extensive PM range of rotomolded ice boxes are ideal for many applications including: 

  • Camping,
  • marine,
  • fishing,
  • 4WD,
  • general outdoors,
  • and commercial operators.

Like all of the rotomolded ice boxes Trimquest manufacturers the PM range features an extensive list of highly sort after features as standard throughout the PM range. To begin with the side walls, lid and base are all thicker than standard to maximise the time over which the each ice box will retain nice cold temperatures. The rear hinges are all made from heavy grade molded plastic and affixed using heat seals for durability.  All hinges feature an internal aluminium slide pin for extra strength. With its square lids and side walls, this traditional style rotomolded cooler range offers the ideal range/model at affordable pricing.

Like the RK range the specific features of the PM range include:

  • Exterior is made from food grade quality polyethylene,
  • UV resistant Internal Material,
  • Fully injected high density polyurethane  (PU Foam) insulation foam,
  • The same PU Foam is also found in the lids of every one of the ice boxes in this range.
  • Every one of the ice boxes in the PM series is fully rotomolded.
  • Trimquest insists on using a one piece inner and outer,
  • The PM range also has a one piece inner and outer lid to match.
  • A completely molded base and lid (+40mm – thickness varies depending on the size and the intended application).
  • All ice boxes have a heavy duty lid,
  • All hinges are heat sealed,
  • Two to three hinges per ice box depending on size.
  • Unlike many manufacturers we consider that all claps should not only lock the unit shut securely but must be made from full Stainless steel to ensure they last.
  • Fully molded and reset carry/lift handles in the upper main body of the cooler.
  • Thirty-five millimeter screw in drain plugs are coupled with heavy duty screw-in drain plugs. All sealed up using an “O” washer.
  • Molded polyethylene slides on the base of all ice boxes in the PM range.
  • Extremely Lightweight & Durable.
  • An extensive list of colours to chose from.
  • Rubber lid seal is inset into the lid.
  • Brand Sticker (full colour).
  • Round Litre Sticker (two colour).
  • Bar Code (two colour) including product codes and all internationally required information.
  • Warning label indicating ‘heavy lift’ safety lifting requirements in two colours on all models requiring such warnings.
  • Full colour point of sale material.
  • A full colour Supplier sticker in full colour.
PM Series (most popular sizes) Size (lt) Legnth (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Cubic (m3)
PM48 48 535 455 400 0.060
PM70 70 800 420 370 0.124
PM90 90 1200 445 365 0.195
PM100 100 715 455 540 0.176
PM110 110 920 485 495 0.221
PM120 120 780 495 630 0.243
PM150 150 1010 555 510 0.286
PM210 210 1270 555 560 0.395

The 120lt ice boxes are the last of the mid-sized ice boxes in the PM series of ice boxes.

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